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- Skyview® Skylights / Tube Skylights

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have free lighting in your home without any heat gain or loss? If so, then it's time to install a Skyview® Tubelight in your home. The Skyview Tubelight is an energy efficient, easy to install alternative to standard skylighting. Manufactured with only the finest materials available today, the Skyview® Tubelight outperforms the competition. The heart of the system is a state of the art, super reflective Silver tube. The Silver is chemically etched to the aluminum, which transmits virtually no solar radiation. This coating is not a film or a polish. The finish can never delaminate or tarnish which means that the light transmitting properties will be the same in the years to come, as they are the day you install you Skyview® Tubelight. The flashing system used is a standard galvanized roof jack, which we know can withstand the harshest of environments. All the glazing is clear UV protected acrylic, which emits full spectrum light. This makes colors in the room that the Skyview Tubelight is installed look much brighter then under conventional skylighting. The Skyview® Tubelight has a UV absorber incorporated into the reflective coating. It will only allow UVB to pass through. This means that your plants will thrive and fabrics will not fade under this light. It will also completely inhibit mildew growth, making the Skyview® Tubelight perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, or anywhere that mildew grows. The Skyview® Tubelight comes in two sizes. The 8" model is designed to illuminate up to 150 square feet and the 12" model up to 300 square feet. Both are easily installed and come with a lifetime warranty. Please give your installer a call today and see for yourself why the Skyview® Tubelight is the perfect solution to bring natural, healthy outside light into your home. Optional Accessories: Electrical Light Kit for evening illumination, extensions, adjustable elbows, tile flashing, steep pitch roof flashing and opaque diffuser lenses.