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- Eagle Talon™ Double Hung

EAGLE Talon™ double-hung windows offer the dual benefits of traditional beauty and exceptional performance. When you want the classic style of a double-hung window, EAGLE delivers – but with a difference. Four times more airtight than the industry standard, EAGLE double-hung windows feature extra weather stripping for energy efficiency and to ensure a tight seal against wind and rain. And EAGLE's exclusive Low-E Maximizer Plus® dual-insulating glass boosts insulation value, while adding protecting against damaging ultraviolet rays.

For convenient cleaning from the inside, both sash tilt inward at a 90-degree angle. EAGLE double-hung windows feature a unique balance system for easy lifting and long-lasting, smooth operation.

EAGLE® Talon™ Double-Hung windows features a new lock and tilting mechanism. The innovative locks have a sleek design and, because the lock is concealed, provide a traditional uncluttered look. It’s easy to tell with a quick glance at the locks whether the window is locked or unlocked. With a simple 3/4 turn of each lever toward the center of the window, the sash is unlocked and can be lifted for ventilation. Continuing another 1/4 turn releases the concealed tilting mechanism and the sash easily tilts inward for cleaning. No strings or cords, just consistent and effortless operation. To close, simply push the sash back into the frame. The tilt latches are spring-loaded and minimize potential damage to the window framing during closure. Then close the sash and turn the levers to the locking position. The unique jamb liner and lock assembly work together to center the sash, ensuring a weather-tight fit on all sides.

The EAGLE Talon Double-Hung also features jamb liners with optional stainable or paintable wood inserts to match the interior of the window sash and painted aluminum inserts to match the exterior of the window. These jamb liners provide a smoother, more attractive appearance and replicate the architectural look of double-hung windows of a by-gone era.

  Integral Double-Hung Benefits


Clad windows, available in 50 standard popular exterior colors or 6 Class 1 anodized finish, deliver long-lasting, low-maintenance exteriors. Additional structural integrity of extruded aluminum cladding is a welcome bonus.
- Clear natural pine interiors are ready for painting or staining to match selected color scheme.
- An innovative concealed locking system makes tilting the window for cleaning a breeze.
- Flush-mount sash locks and keepers create a streamlined appearance without obstructing the view.
- EAGLE Wood windows are available with primed, unprimed or clear exteriors to allow a variety of finishing options.
- Windows and doors are modular in design, allowing you the flexibility of combining various styles to create a custom window system of your choice.
- Eagle Talon™ RetroFit™ Double-Hung replacement windows share the features of standard Talon Double-Hung but are built to your exact specifications to fit into an existing window frame.
- EAGLE Replacement Sash Kits are easily installed into existing window frames providing new energy efficient openings.
- Choose from a variety of design options, including:
- EAGLE's exclusive Decorelle® Series decorative glass.
- Modern Divided Lights® or Classic Divided Lights.
- Accessory trim metals including: brickmold and sillnosing.
- Radius Single-Hung and monumental Single-Hungs.
- Beige or White Jamb Liners.


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