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Eagle Window and Door has been known for years as a commercially rated product line that offers a lifetime warranty on its exterior T-6 aluminum alloy cladding. Regardless of the proximity to the influences of the ocean, the Eagle warranty provides the contractor and home owner with the assurance of a company that builds its windows to last.

The Eagle warranty reflects the confidence that this company has in its product line. In many instances their warranty coverage is twice as long as that of our competitors. The same Eagle doors that we sell here in Santa Barbara are certified for installation in Dade County Florida, right in the middle of hurricane alley.

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Additionally, Eagle's design flexibility and adherence to the look of an 'old fashioned' putty glazed wood window has resulted in the Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review's acceptance of Eagle clad windows for use in the downtown 'historic' section of Santa Barbara. No other clad window so closely resembles the look and feel of an old fashioned wood window, while offering a lifetime warranty on the exterior cladding,

We were one of the first distributors for Eagle Windows in California. Over the past 18 years we've found them to be one of the most flexible companies we know to assist architects and custom home builders with specialty windows. Their natural extension of creativity is a real plus with people in this area. Eagle Windows come in 50 exterior colors (no upcharge) which can be mixed or matched, and selections can be made from 10 different species of wood, including solid pine, fir, mahogany, cherry, walnut, oak and knotty alder. The factory uses Sherman-Williams stains to seal the wood so that other wood in the home or office can be matched easily.
Another plus for Eagle Windows is its ability to withstand coastal weather. We've installed Eagle Windows on homes built next to the beach in Malibu and restaurants near the ocean and the warranty is the same, the cladding is warrantied for the life of the product regardless of its proximity to the ocean. It is our most sought after window, not only because it is competitively priced and its glass acts as a sound barrier. We've installed it in condos near the freeway and once the window is shut, you'd never know there was a major highway nearby. It allows you to come home, relax, and block out the heat and sounds of the day.
Eagle Windows also used laminated, heat-treated tempered safety glass, which can be tinted to block visibility and for aesthetic reasons. Contractors love Eagle Windows because they are easy to install. They are built, stained and sealed in the factory so that they just drop in place. They require little or no maintenance and also are easy for owners to operate. We invite contractors and architects to visit our showroom and see for themselves why Eagle Windows are everything we've promised and more.